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70 years experience in the design and construction of wooden window frames and doors

In the Gabrieli family,  a passion for wood and carpentry is considered a birth right. And it's this very passion that led to Giovani Battista Gabrieli to found the family artisanal carpentry business in 1946. Sixteen years later in 1962, the need to expand the production site led to the opening of the "Camuna Serramenti e Affini Industria" industry warehouse, on the outskirts of Darfo, which at the time occupied an area of ​​1500 square meters. Since 1967, our family expanded and our children joined the company to help industrialise our products to increase production and reduce costs.
Generic production was then abandoned and the company now specialises in the production of quality crafted interior and exterior doors.

In 1995, after the economic crisis, further expansion saw the factory grow to encompass 5,000 square metres, and the purchase of a work centre that allowed us to produce 40 windows per day. The new organisational structure was fruitful immediately and the company gained its second economic success: over four years production increased by 40%. Investments continued and in 1997 the first robot was introduced in the painting department to increase production and quality standards. In 2002, SCM's first WINDOR automatic production line was installed, which allowed to produce 60 windows per day, and then in 2006 with a second line, it reached 100 windows daily.

One of the convictions that has always supported the growth of ICSA Serramenti is that to have a good product you have to start with the best raw materials, and for this reason in the last few years we have been selected the best suppliers in the outdoor window industry. To increase and improve production, it was also necessary to work on the optimisation of the production process, only in this way we can combine quantity with quality.

In 2001, obtaining ISO 9001 certified company status led ICSA to become one of the most efficient and organised serigraph manufacturers in Lombardy and Northern Italy. As a result of all investment in materials, production and controls, our windows were again certified at the LEGNO LEGNO Laboratory and obtained the highest possible evaluation status. With state-of-the-art equipment supported by a meticulous production line and workflow, our Brescia company can cope with supplies of any volume with the certainty of a constant quality of every product manufactured.

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