The certifications of the I.C.S.A. joinery

Industrial processes and the highest quality materials
iso 9001

The will of I.C.S.A. Serramenti is to always produce products that can best satisfy every customer: for this reason you do not have to pay for the purchase of materials before the highest quality, the basis on which to start to guarantee products that can satisfy all the needs of the customers. The production processes have been optimized in order to combine quality and quantity, and this is proven by the I.C.S.A. Doors of Darfo Boario Terme, in the Province of Brescia, have obtained the following certifications:

Quality of procedures:

ISO 9001: 2008


Seal test:

Air permeability (EN 1026: 2001 - UNI EN 12207: 2000)

Waterproof - Test Method A - Unprotected (1027: 2001 - UNI EN 12208: 2000)

Resistance to wind load (EN 12211: 2001 - UNI EN 12210: 2000)

Load safety device (UNI EN 14351 - 1 / UNI EN 14609)

Impact Resistance (UNI EN 13049)

Sound ablation (UNI EN ISO 140-3 / UNI EN ISO 717-1)

Exercise Resistance (UNI ENV 1627-1628)

No harmful substances

Resistance to wind load on black screens (UNI EN 1932: 2002 / UNI EN 13659: 2004)

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