Tail lifting test sliding 


Another goal for the quality of the window.

In the continuous evolution of the product, I.C.S.A. systematically places its doors to tests that guarantee its reliability and performance.
In this case under examination the sliding lift mod. 68 performance that the acoustic abatement test has achieved somewhat unsatisfactory results.
This is a standard 65 mm sliding glass door with 4 + 4 Pvb 0.76 / 14 Argon / 5 + 5 acoustics, which has been tested in a special certification unit and has a noise reduction of Rw = 41 dB.
For the certainty of the constant quality of the products, confirmed also by the achievement and compliance of the ISO 9000-2001 certification, the door was removed surprise by a production order and sent to the certification body without further elaboration .
This guarantees the validity of the product but above all it gives us the awareness that each of our supplies respects the total quality in order to protect the tranquility of our customers.
It should be emphasized that this result has a very high value considering that the conforming sliding lift does not allow for results that with the window to appear seem to be discounted and this confirms the care of the product and know-how that are proper to I.C.S.A. Joinery.
This way, combining the noise abatement results now obtained with the values ​​of environmental tests previously acquired by I.C.S.A. now has the certainty of selling a high quality certified slider, ensuring water and wind grip in a perfectly secured environment from outside noise for an environment with maximum comfort standards.

I.C.S.A. S.n.c.
Mauro Gabrieli

70 Anni di Qualità

70 Anni di Qualità


ICSA, founded in 1946 by G.Battista Gabrieli, has now been active for seventy years.
Now the new life of the company begins, because only with seventy years of specific experience can we create new products on the basis of continuous research that goes from design to components: materials, closure systems and especially varnishing techniques of the windows, allowing for new durability with innovative new paints made of resins that counteract degradation due to both solar radiation that alter colour and attack microorganisms that compromise aesthetics.
To maintain these natural qualities, the surfaces should be periodically cleaned using non-aggressive neutral detergents, free of solvents.
It should be pointed out that this cleansing is essential for any type of window since the smog that is deposited is corrosive. This can be understood by observing gates, railings or anything that remains exposed to atmospheric agents and appears lackluster or damaged.
Returning to the seventy years of ICSA, and the thousands of private homes and complex real estate in which our windows and doors have been built, produced by us, backed up by our satisfied, trusted and loyal clients over the years. 
And it is because of this quality that ICSA has always been able to rely on a loyal customer base. We know how to install beautiful and durable products which has led to company growth not only in size but also in recognition for our quality work both aesthetically and practically with lasting durability. All our products have undergone environmental testing and have obtained "E" class for exceptional, doubling and even more the sealing and isolation parameters required by normative tables.

prestazioni dei modelli I.C.S.A.

Below the performance of ICSA models:

For a detailed list of all our attestations go to our site at the company section and click on certifications
To this end, we have found the high performance of the ICSA windows a very important factor in securing our home insulation required for saving fuel, whether it's diesel, gas or other kind of raw material, for heating environments.

We also want to remember that with these windows if combined with perimeter walls with proper insulation, not only will we have hot homes in winter but also cooler environments by consuming even 50% less electricity for air conditioning on hot days with high degree Of moisture (afa) now customary in our summers of the last decades.

Passing to the no less important aesthetic factor, our range of windows includes the Centro Storico model suitable for houses that want to maintain the Italian style of the classical palace.

For buildings with aesthetics, the ideal window is in the 68 mm Coibent Line or 92 mm Climatop models in both wood and aluminum-wood versions. If, on the other hand, we are faced with new buildings with a modern look and minimalist style, the Concept and Ghost models will give the architect the ease of window insertion in his overall design.

Of course, each model comes with its own speciality types such as swinging, sliding, folding, shaping, and a full range of external blinds to match the window you choose.

For a more complete understanding of our models we recommend taking a look or scroll through our gallery located within our extensive website.

Or better yet, visit our show room and let our friendly and courteous staff help you find the right product to suit your needs, or help advise on what's possible. 

The company now begins its eighth decade of existence with the energy and determination of its craft that day by day are reconfirmed by the satisfaction expressed by the customers to whom our window and window systems are provided. From the primary joint ( Counter-chassis) to the secondary jumper (window-counter-chassis) by solving any technical problems that customers experience and learning as we grow.

Alfredo, Gianfranco and Mauro Gabrieli

Celebrating 70 years

70 Anni di Qualità


To highlight the 70-year anniversary of the company, ICSA has decided to reward customers with a 5% discount on all orders confirmed from May 10 to July 30, 2016.
Hurry to take advantage of this opportunity, with new windows to replace the old, adding value to your home.
With our tax-deductible prices and good price-quality ratio combined with these additional discounts now buying new windows is a bargain!

Alfredo, Gianfranco and Mauro Gabrieli

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Our Facebook page is active and you can enjoy all the latest information about ICSA as it happens.
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Mauro Gabrieli

Virtual tour of I.C.S.A.

virtual tour


Join the ICSA virtual tour and enjoy a few minutes of total relaxation by entering our showroom and enjoying the technological beauty of our products.
Let pur experts guide you through our product range personally.


Primary and secondary certificated joints



In the ongoing search for solutions to combine energy efficiency and lower cost of return, ICSA has developed a counter-frame with a window installation system, which provides simplicity that makes it extremely easy to install.


Looking at the details, we find a fully-wooded counter-frame (insulating par excellence with non-polluting production processes, but ecological material by nature) with the application of a profile with a dash to dip into the plaster or outer coat to avoid cracks and cracking that any dilations may cause.


This profile with gasket whose lip stands in support of the window frame with both sealing and spatula finish, referring to the application of the coat, provides the housing of the thermo-stretch gasket with 58 dB abatement and water retention 600 Pascal supporting the chassis creates the fundamental contribution to the thermo-acoustic efficiency you want to achieve.
The laying of the counter-frame is carried out by means of a turbocharger with special ease on the sides where injecting foam into the standard for the proper cushioning between the wall and the wall.


On the inside, a vapour barrier with certified performance closes the wall-to-wall assembly and can be placed at discretion so that it can be drained under the interior plaster or plasterboard or directly under the frame of the window finishing.


Another fundamental feature for guaranteed results is the provision of a thermal cut sheet with a dent on which the applicator applies the thermo-stretch gasket that will fit into the milling provided under the base of the window, providing also the reference for the Interior or exterior door or window sill.


With these premise the work of the yard can be completed until the installation of the window which provides a second thermo-stretch gasket and elastic foam between the fake and the window.
In this way, in addition to a perfect insulation, the evacuation of any condensation between the interior and exterior of the building is handled correctly.
This allows you to install maximum performance windows with few and well-defined laying operations that will ensure the consistency of the quality content of our product over time, all of which is cost-effective for the customer.


I.C.S.A. Expo-meeting conference in Brescia


Dear Sirs,
To confirm ICSA's commitment to continuous improvement of its product and to provide maximum information to designers, sellers and customers, I am pleased to invite you to the conference:

High energy efficiency doors:
Tips and instructions from CasaClima
ICSA Serramenti, rapporteur: dr. Paolo Ambrosi

Which will be held on April 5, 2011 at 11.00 am in the B Room of the conference center President Hotel in Roncadelle - Bs I invite you to give yourself this little break from your busy work because I am sure that what will be illustrated will return useful in the technical management of the yards And to address the issues that are in contact with the customer.
It will be my pleasure to welcome you to the Ns. Exhibition corner and I take the opportunity for the most sincere wishes of good work.

Mauro Gabrieli
R & S ICSA windows and shutters

For complete information and program:

Class "A" design in Desenzano del Garda


The success of more than three hundred presentations at every event is continued without interruption, the seminars that ICSA and four other partners specializing in the construction of high performance buildings have put in place to bring to the attention of designers and architects new building techniques for houses Classifiable in Casaclima 'A' and beyond.
The satisfaction is to see how much interest and attention the audience, made up of workmen, shows for the topics discussed by the speakers.
In particular, following ICSA's report on Mod. CLIMATOP can be perceived by the participation of the auditorium, which, as far as we know about the window, with the new window we are designing new knowledge and new product values ​​have so far been unfamiliar and hitherto unpublished and this is confirmed by the various questions asked To the rapporteur.
In order to give as many professionals as possible the opportunity to participate in the event, after MONZA, TORINO and FLORENCE, a seminar will be held in DESENZANO DEL GARDA on November 17, 2010, where the BRESCIA and VERONA order professionals can join.
In the spring of 2011, the meeting will be held in ROME with dates and places being defined.
It is articulated and developed in this way the information and communication program ICSA has launched on October 30, 2007 as illustrated in our NEW of June 10, 2008.
It should also be remembered that for Geometers, attendance at the meeting involves the assignment of training credits.

For clarifications and to book your presence at the conference you are closest to please contact:

TEL. 0481 484488
FAX. 0481 485721

Or Print and send via Fax the following Brochure

Design and build in class "A" - New Seminars


After public success and various attestations on the value of the subject and the way it was handled, it continues the program of conferences on which window to use and how to place it in buildings that are designed to receive the most selective certifications for eco-sustainable construction. The interest shown by the participants, mostly architects and designers, at the Monza conference on 10 June convinced us to confirm the dates of September 23, 2010 in Turin and of September 30, 2010 in Florence, where the next meetings will be held They are equally interesting and where the distributed material will be supplemented by new important elements.

For clarifications and to book your presence at the conference you are closest to please contact:

TEL. 0481 484488
FAX. 0481 485721

Or Print and send via Fax the following Brouchure

Maggio 2009

gamma dei prodotti ICSA


The range of ICSA products is further enhanced!

They are in production after all the tests:

  • - HS Performance Slide
  • - the Climatop Plus Wood / Cork window
  • - Bilico 92

Visit the relevant product pages.

Press Campaign 2008/2009


I.C.S.A. does its own press proposes its own services in several specialist magazines and in press and multimedia channels, in order to give a great visibility to the brand- an indispensable tool for the sales force.

See ad campaigns in PDF's attached.

Climatop wood / aluminum


In 2008, ICSA designed and produced the 92mm thick CLIMATOP window for customers who want to build buildings that fall into the casual A / ORO system. Since June 2008, the CLIMATOP series is enriched with the new wood / aluminum model with a total thickness of 112 mm. All the thermal and acoustic performance of the wood model is added to the value of an aluminum shell, with all shades of choice, positioned with a technology that allows expansion of different masses.

Become an I.C.S.A. dealer


I.C.S.A. Search for resellers to be part of your sales organization.

Contact us for further clarification and fill out the contact form. Our manager will be at your disposal.

Window 2008 - Conference

Finestra 2008


Il 30 ottobre 2007 si è inaugurata una nuova era per quanto riguarda la comunicazione nel mondo del serramento: ICSA ha organizzato il meeting ‘Finestra 2008′, con lo scopo di incontrare i propri partners (Clienti, Rivenditori e Progettisti) e presentare le nuove normative e nuove leggi che regolano le nuove costruzioni e nella fattispecie il serramento.
Considerando l’enorme affluenza e l’alto gradimento riscontrato, l’azienda si impegna a ripetere l’esperienza nell’ottica di un continuo aggiornamento rivolto al proprio partner, con l’obiettievo di costruire edifici che abbiano un fabbisogno energetico sempre più basso per il rispetto dell’ambiente.

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